[What We Do]

The partnership between a Michelin-starred chef and a James Beard Award-winning storyteller, Primal Cut Consulting is a full-service agency dedicated to helping developers, hotel owners, restaurateurs, and chefs solve problems at every step of a complicated and expensive process.

We know what it’s like to embark on a new project. The enormous financial risk you carry. The anxiety you have to shoulder for months and even years. The fear that so many lives hang in the balance with each and every decision you make.

We know it, not just because we have seen our clients go through it, but because we have lived it. We have navigated this process many times over with our own restaurants. And we continue to navigate it, and at the very highest levels in the industry.

It is this skin in the game — and the know-how, insight, and connections that come with it — that enables us to serve our clients so effectively.

We are a consortium of top-line chefs and industry insiders, brought together by a master storyteller. We bring more than 65 years of experience in the kitchen, world-class narrative design, expert financial analysis and planning, and an unrivaled knowledge of the markets and culture.

Developers: don’t sign up any restaurateur or chef before first reaching out to us. Let us do your vetting, and save you time, money, and headaches.

We understand the trends and patterns that are driving the conversation. We know which concepts will work and which won’t; which restaurateurs have a risk-proof business plan and a grasp of the financials, and which are merely BS-ing; which spaces will serve a given project, and which are fated to fail. We also realize the many challenges you face, in trying to fill your retail locations without resorting to generic national and local chains. Our out-of-the-box thinking and development strategies can help you. We know how to identify young and hungry talents that are not on the radar and turn them into retail anchors.

Chefs, GMs, restaurateurs: We work with you at every stage of the process, finding lasting, cost-efficient solutions to complex problems.

If all you have is a concept scratched out on a napkin, we will help you to develop it. If you are six to nine months out, we will provide you with your critical path to opening. If you are on the cusp of opening, we will critic-proof you. If you are struggling, we will work with you financially, conceptually, and organizationally. If you aren’t hurting but know you could do better, we will help you to broaden your market reach via our innovative and targeted approach to storytelling and social media.