On the Job

[DISH RE-VISIONING: Oysters + Mignonette]

The Directive: 

To turn a conventional preparation of oysters on the halfshell into a more playful, interactive dish that will engage diners, encourage photo-taking, and help to get the restaurant into the conversation

The Process:

Working together with the executive chef, we engineered a new dish — same basic ingredients, but with a completely different philosophy and approach to presentation. The new preparation is framed on a large, square white plate, with shucked local oysters in each corner and, in the center, what appears to be a sunnyside-up egg. The egg is, in fact, two emulsions — the “white” is a soubise; the “yolk,” a mignonette made with sea buckthorn. The two circles mirror the orbs in each corner. Piercing this egg releases the two sauces, which the oysters are then swabbed through. A conventional, mid-level preparation is thus made more dynamic and high-end, a playful and interactive dish that encourages picture-taking, gets diners excited and talking, and lights up the various lines of social media