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Chef R: The Visionary

As the Michelin-starred owner and operator of 11 restaurants in and around Washington, D.C. — from four-star fine dining establishments to trendy bistros to casual concepts — Chef R has seen and done it all in his four-plus decades in the restaurant world. And the man is still hungry for more — more experiences, more challenges, more opportunities to impart his knowledge and insight. His success is built on long-range vision and short-range discipline — an understanding of the importance of having a clear, well-defined plan, and the will and hard work to master the many little details that enable the big picture to come to life. There is, literally, nothing he hasn’t seen in his vaunted career, and he brings that experience, know-how, and relentless work ethic — not to mention a remarkable gift for problem-solving — to his consulting work.

Chef B: The General

Chef B has spent a lifetime running kitchens around the globe, including in London, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Washington, D.C. The founding chef at Melrose at the Park Hyatt in Washington, D.C., he later spearheaded its reinvention into Blue Duck Tavern, an early pioneer in the U.S. in the farm-to-table movement. The restaurant won countless accolades, almost overnight becoming a favored destination of politicians, celebrities, and media barons. Here at Primal Cut, Chef B is known as The General, thanks to his well-deserved reputation for creating order amid chaos and delivering immediate and impactful results. His expertise in system optimization and operational efficiency derives, in part, from his many years spent overseeing hotel kitchens at the highest end (five-star hotels, Relais & Châteaux properties).

T: The Storytelling Guru

The Guru has written for every major food publication in the country in his two decades in the business, including Gourmet, Saveur, and Men’s Health, and is the recipient of two James Beard Awards. The contact list on his cell phone is likely to tire even the most diligent scroller, and includes all the major players in the media and publishing worlds. For 15 years, he was a food critic and food and wine editor, traveling around the country and the world and dining out 500-plus times a year. At Primal Cut, he employs many of the same metrics of evaluation he used as a critic, maintaining a data base that contains assessments of more than 7,500 meals over 15 years. He brings to his work at Primal Cut an unparalleled understanding of narrative craft. The restaurants that get the attention, he likes to say, are not necessarily the ones serving the best food or providing the best service or delivering the most exciting or glamorous setting. They are the ones that understand the cultural and culinary moment — that feel the most relevant.

J: The Money Man

The Money Man is a licensed CPA with more than 30 years’ experience in advising clients on everything from real estate to taxes to market opportunities. For the past 20 years, he has worked with various restaurant groups, and become sought-after for his expert analysis of the market, of Profit and Loss statements, and of deal structures. He is renowned for his ability to quickly and unerringly assess the financial viability of any proposition put before him — whether a restaurateur seeking analysis of a second location, a landlord vetting a client, or a chef defending his monthly statements. The Money Man may not be warm and fuzzy, but trust us when we say you don’t want to make any decision involving numbers without him. We sure don’t.